We are Your Best & Bougiest Dream Team!

In addition to EVERYTHING you get in Sales Success Lab you also get:

12 weeks of

Voxer Coaching

Come with your questions or assets for review – ads, emails, landing pages, messaging, graphics, etc. Drop in to get your question answered or stay for the entire session.

Ashleigh helped me make 32k with only $1300 in ad spend. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without her and Im so excited to keep the leads coming without me having to do anything!

Angela Jackson

Instagram Sales Coach

This is the best
co-coaching partnership you've ever seen

1-on-1 Call

to assess where you are currently, what your goals are, and what gaps we need to fill to get you to those goals.

To get weekly coaching from me in this capacity would cost $8,400

This is literally you getting 2 coaches for less than the price of 1

Don't Forget that you also get the

From Months To Minutes

Automated Sales Cycle Accelerator Workshop

🤩1 ideal client attracting video that grows your following

🤩1 email growth lead generating video

🤩2 ads set up with proper targeting

🤩All of your ad targeting audiences created

🤩Your visibility and authenticity automated

🤩The confidence to continue running ads because they actually work

The kind of success you can have with both Michelle and I on your team

“I was getting sales calls, but I wasn’t closing them. I enjoy sales calls now. Whereas before I was afraid of them … I can make $10,000 in a month if I wanted to. And it just feels good to be able to say that and to know that I have the ability to create money on my own. Without fear.”
Movie Actress

Oh and you get these other bonuses


Access To Absolutely Ads & Group Coaching

The Facebook & Instagram Ads course that helps you make more sales in your business, grow your email list, automate your visibility, and STAY in front of your ideal human without having to rely on posting to social media every day. It’s the start to finish guide created for beginners and tried before and quitters.

AND 12 weeks of ads group coaching access!

  • Weekly Group Coaching + Q&A
    Private Group Support WITH Loom Video Replies
    Expert Eyes On Your Ads


Scripts For Videos

Knowing what to say is most of the battle. I have scripts already done and all you have to do is plug in what is specific to you then press record. I’ll also show you the app I use for a teleprompter because I am not about the memorizing life 😂😂


Plug & Play Copy

These copy options give your audience a great ad experience that moves them toward action.