This intensive is focused on whatever you are having trouble with that you need answers to now. I audit what you currently have and then we create the plan that will get you to your next level. We can focus on funnels, ads, your quiz, other lead magnets, your offer, your messaging, your audience, or other marketing related topics. By the end of the session you will have clarity on the direction, a new outline on what to do next, and all of your questions answered.

 I’m the marketing genie here to make all of your marketing dreams come true or here to make all your marketing and business dreams come true so that you can reach new heights in your business 

You really just need someone to tell you what to do right now and what to do next based on where you are currently. Gain clarity, map out your next steps, have complete confidence you are on the right track. This is completely bespoke.


Think of this as an extension of your business. We’ll work together and with your team to determine what the best next steps are for you to reach your next level goals.

Whether that be clarity, direction or implementation. I’ll find whatever gaps are hindering you from moving forward, we will close those gaps, and be able to sprout new opportunities from those closed gaps.