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Your friendly, virtual, neighborhood Marketing Genie here to make all of your marketing dreams come true.

I’m Ashleigh Chanel! A world travelling gadgets addict and Expert Digital Marketer. I am also the CEO of Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency.

I’m passionate about helping women business owners to market profitably through innovation, creativity, action, and implementing strategic digital media strategies that transform their business.

Through my over a decade journey, I have consistently added monthly 5 and 6 figure revenue to my clients top-line — product, service, and local businesses alike. This is all done through organic and paid advertising. This positions my clients as authorities in their industries, gains the trust of their ideal audiences, and builds highly profitable business.

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A world travelling gadgets addict, expert Digital Marketer & the CEO of Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency. Ashleigh Chanel helps profit-driven business owners transform their businesses into revenue-generating and impact-creating machines without the extra time and stress. I position my clients as authorities in their industries with tailored organic and paid marketing and advertising strategies.


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If your lead funnel isn’t working, it’s probably because it wasn’t built to. You could be targeting (‘touching’) the wrong people or at the wrong time, your lead magnet could be falling short of your audience’s needs, or you could simply be working far too hard. Find better prospects in less time by automating the heck out of your funnels, and ensuring they’re set up to be mind-blowingly successful.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are not a magic wand - unless you have a marketing genie behind them! I look at Facebook ads holistically - by evaluating a client’s entire lead and sales process. Then, we can look at Facebook ads through the lens of metrics that matter: exposure, click-throughs, and conversions.


Ideal Audience

Sure, you’ve heard that you should define your ideal audience, but have you thought about the impact of working with the wrong people? If you’re not talking to the right people, you will always second-guess your business. You should be able to identify your ideal audience based on their knowledge gaps, how you can fill them, and how you can find abundance in the transformation.

Working with the right people is crucial for your confidence, your ability to show up for your clients, and your overall success.



Here’s an honest truth: If you don’t show up, nobody will know you exist. You started a business to make an impact on a specific group of people and help them - and yourself - fulfill a higher purpose. So, how do you show up in a way that is sustainable for you, and impactful for your audience? Let’s talk about how to get the *right* amount of touchpoints, automate them, and ensure that they target the perfect niche so that you stay energized and effective.


Confidence In Business

Repeat after me: Confidence comes from taking action.

When you know exactly who your audience is, your messaging will always be on point, your offers will always land, and clients will flock to you in droves. AND they’ll understand you and your unique value before you ever speak! However, getting to that point requires action - trying what works, trying what doesn’t work, and feeling confident that every action either makes a vast impact or teaches you how to improve.


Customer Experience

If you believe that you were put on this earth to serve your audience, then you should do it in a way that serves your ideal clients’ highest vision. It is possible to deliver a bespoke customer experience without compromising your time and sanity. An unforgettable customer journey starts with knowing and targeting your ideal audience, then automating it so that your beloved clients feel that their success with you is inevitable.


Ashleigh has been a critical asset on serveral projects for the compny. One specific project was Ford Motor Company, Ashleigh vision and concept help us provided a excellent story for our client on our services. This led to additional revenue for the company. Ashleigh has a forward looking approach to client needs and focuses on delivering the right capability at the right time.
Ricky, Director at Raytheon
Ashleigh did an excellent job in closing the gap between the services we built and user perception of our services. Without her efforts our company would not be near what it is. Everything would have been exponentially more costly and technically difficult without the strategy Ashleigh put together. In addition to being a skilled communicator she is on my short list of folks to call.
Wally, CIO at Ledios
Ashleigh is epitome of professionalism and a consummate marketer. She makes it a point to understand the customer to fully customize a solution for his/her needs. She's articulate, reliable and produces phenomenal work.
Betsy, MIO at IBM

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