Leads & sales automation
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Leads & sales automation to achieve freedom, options, & autonomy

Delivering “wow” worthy experiences that teach on-the-pulse marketing trainings, workshops, and keynotes that focus on implementable strategies that scale.

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From Active To Passive

How to use ads to automate the lead generation & client enrollment for your high ticket group coaching program without relying on organic social & launching.

A jam packed training that provides your community with a strategic way to be visible every day, get qualified leads ready to convert, and scale their coaching program using ads.

From Active To Passive helps your community automate their authenticity and visibility allowing them to bypass the need to be physically present to make a connection. Yet still generating leads and sales.


Lead Magnet Magic

Mistakes you make when growing your list and generating leads. And what you actually need to do to attract qualified leads and build a revenue generating list.

A power packed training that gives your community the tools and strategies necessary to create and choose a lead magnet that takes their audience through the Hi to B.U.Y.™ journey to yes before even speaking with them.


Scaling With Ads

The answer to efficiently and effectively reach business goals. Giving you and your team your time back to and take your rightful place as the visionary of your company.

Your foundational marketing based ads strategy for scale.

Scale takes precision and intention.

Scaling with ads allows you to stop marketing to a bubble, relying on referrals, or slow organic mediums and start strategically reaching the masses.

*All can be a presentation or workshop

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" Ashleigh has such a bright bubbly personality. I know what a confusing process ads can be for somebody and so I trusted Ashleigh because she has the expertise of running all of these ad campaigns. She knows what she's talking about and I've just been really impressed with her knowledge.

Her ability to articulate in a way and break it down so that it makes sense and is not intimidating. She was able to deliver that content in a way that would fit them where they are.

Her information applied across services. I can't stress enough how much she knows about Facebook ads and were also able to put a spin on it that made it relevant and added value for my audience which is very niche specific.

I also love when guests actually teach, I've had some guests that seem to keep things behind closed doors and they're not so open, but Ashleigh didn't seem to really hold anything back. She has an investment mindset and was really coming from a place of wanting to share and help the audience which makes all the difference.

She delivered in giving my audience something tangible to go out and implement.

Also, her corporate marketing experience elevates the conversation and gives a strong angle of perspective.

She does a good job storytelling so I think that it just came across very powerful with my audience.”
Emily Reagan
Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 12.58.54 PM
I cannot begin to express how incredibly amazing Ashleigh has been as a coach in our mastermind!

She embodies the spirit of a great marketer and has exceeded all of my expectations.

My previous media buyer was decent, but Ashleigh has taken our campaigns to whole new level [with her personal strategies]. With her guidance, we have created ads that not only pay for themselves but also provide a steady stream of profit!!! Which is a first for us!!

| can't stress enough how thrilled I am to have found her!! OH & believe she's alwavs on top of the latest trends and never misses a beat!

But it's not just about the results, Ashleigh's attention to detail is what really sets her apart. She makes sure we are getting the most out of our campaigns points out opportunities that even we didn't see.

| feel so blessed to have found her!!
Rachel Gainsbrugh
Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 8.42.54 AM
"When it came time to have someone speak to my group, I knew I needed Ashleigh Chanel.

Since I'm a marketing strategist, I know Ashleigh knows her stuff. She understands what needs to happen to take someone from cold lead to customer/client. It doesn't matter how great your ad is, how low you can get cost per lead, how large it grows your email/leads list, if it doesn't call in the right person.

And Ashleigh understands the fundamentals. During the actual time that Ashleigh spoke she was engaging, and also gave high-level information in an easy-to-understand way. I also love the way that she tells it like it is, but with kindness because Ashleigh truly cares about helping people get results.

Everyone loved Ashleigh and hope to have her speak to my coaching groups again in the future.
Brenna McGowan
Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 8.53.48 AM
"Ashleigh is incredible! having an ad expert come on who breaks things down in a really easy to digest way was really important to me. Ashleigh is very passionate and she explains it in such a way that makes people feel calmer and more interested in ads after hearing her share about them. And she does a great job and like not making them sound intimidating or making them sound totally unachievable.

Ashleigh was the perfect person to come on and talk to our people
Brittany Herzberg
Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 8.52.22 AM
"Ashleigh is amazing! I still very much love how she leads with empowerment. She's got a talent for helping entrepreneurs step out of their comfort zones to embrace organic and paid traffic. When I had her speak it was incredible, I LOVED her powerful insight and conversation around success is about commitment.”
Angie Colee

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-Jane Done

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Your friendly, virtual, neighborhood Marketing Genie here to make all of your marketing dreams come true.

I’m Ashleigh Chanel! A world travelling lover of charcuterie boards and Expert Digital Marketer. I am also the CEO of Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency.

I’m passionate about helping women business owners to market profitably through innovation, creativity, action, and implementing strategic digital media strategies that transform their business.

Through my over a decade journey, I have consistently added monthly 5 and 6 figure revenue to my clients top-line — product, service, and local businesses alike. This is all done through organic and paid advertising. This positions my clients as authorities in their industries, gains the trust of their ideal audiences, and builds highly profitable business.

50 Word Bio

A world travelling lover of charcuterie boards, expert Digital Marketer & the CEO of Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency. Ashleigh Chanel helps profit-driven business owners transform their businesses into revenue-generating and impact-creating machines without the extra time and stress. I position my clients as authorities in their industries with tailored organic and paid marketing and advertising strategies.


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If your lead funnel isn’t working, it’s probably because it wasn’t built to. You could be targeting (‘touching’) the wrong people or at the wrong time, your lead magnet could be falling short of your audience’s needs, or you could simply be working far too hard. Find better prospects in less time by automating the heck out of your funnels, and ensuring they’re set up to be mind-blowingly successful.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are not a magic wand - unless you have a marketing genie behind them! I look at Facebook ads holistically - by evaluating a client’s entire lead and sales process. Then, we can look at Facebook ads through the lens of metrics that matter: exposure, click-throughs, and conversions.


Ideal Audience

Sure, you’ve heard that you should define your ideal audience, but have you thought about the impact of working with the wrong people? If you’re not talking to the right people, you will always second-guess your business. You should be able to identify your ideal audience based on their knowledge gaps, how you can fill them, and how you can find abundance in the transformation.

Working with the right people is crucial for your confidence, your ability to show up for your clients, and your overall success.



Here’s an honest truth: If you don’t show up, nobody will know you exist. You started a business to make an impact on a specific group of people and help them - and yourself - fulfill a higher purpose. So, how do you show up in a way that is sustainable for you, and impactful for your audience? Let’s talk about how to get the *right* amount of touchpoints, automate them, and ensure that they target the perfect niche so that you stay energized and effective.


Confidence In Business

Repeat after me: Confidence comes from taking action.

When you know exactly who your audience is, your messaging will always be on point, your offers will always land, and clients will flock to you in droves. AND they’ll understand you and your unique value before you ever speak! However, getting to that point requires action - trying what works, trying what doesn’t work, and feeling confident that every action either makes a vast impact or teaches you how to improve.


Customer Experience

If you believe that you were put on this earth to serve your audience, then you should do it in a way that serves your ideal clients’ highest vision. It is possible to deliver a bespoke customer experience without compromising your time and sanity. An unforgettable customer journey starts with knowing and targeting your ideal audience, then automating it so that your beloved clients feel that their success with you is inevitable.

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