how to automate leads for your high ticket group coaching program using ads

without spending A Ton In Ad Spend

For coaches who are making at least $15,000 per launch, are ready to scale their group coaching programs, & reach more people. 

April 19, 2023 at 2:00pm EST




and you
Want to

and you Want to...


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this is a must attend masterclass if...

You're ready to accelerate your sales cycle

So that it doesn’t take weeks of back and forth in the DMs or months of email “nurturing” to get them through your entire funnel to make a decision. 

You want to automate your visibility & authenticity

So that you can immediately build trust and have your human say “pmg I need to be in her atmosphere. She is my people!”

You regularly push through bouts of social media burnout or doubt because you're seeing minimal growth

Relying on your organic social media to scale your business or fill your programs doesn’t have to be your story. Watching your faves who have teams and a whole social media strategy won’t make it any better. It’s time to focus your energy.

You don’t have any more energy to waste on programs that don’t give you complete solutions

You just need someone to tell you wtf to do already. You’re at the point where you WANT someone to do it for you.

You want a visibility strategy that works when you aren't

so that you can catch the attention of your human when THEY are ready and willing to pay attention. That could be at 2am, 11am, 8pm, etc. when you most likely have something else to do.

you're ready to see, build, and keep the momentum in your business

So that you aren’t stressing about getting new leads in every time you have a new cohort.

You want to see how ads can work for filling your group coaching program

so that you can focus on the execution of whats going to get you to your million dollar reality.

Your personal invite from

Ashleigh Chanel

Corporate dropout turned world travelling, charcuterie loving CEO who doesn’t have time for the “rules” of online business. They aren’t aligned with the life that I want to live, which is one of expansion with ease.

✅  You CAN accelerate your sales cycle from months to minutes.

✅  You CAN be visible daily without you physically showing up daily.

✅  You CAN make sales without having to be involved in the conversation.

I’ve done it, do it, and help my clients and students do the same.

It is very straight forward and I’m going to explain it all to you in the mastercalss.

What other Beautiful people
are saying...


"Ashleigh is amazing! I still very much love how she leads with empowerment. She's got a talent for helping entrepreneurs step out of their comfort zones to embrace organic and paid traffic. When I had her speak it was incredible, I LOVED her powerful insight and conversation around success is about commitment.”



"I know what a confusing process ads can be for somebody and so I trusted Ashleigh because she has the expertise of running all of these ad campaigns. She knows what she's talking about and I've just been really impressed with her knowledge.

Her ability to articulate in a way and break it down so that it makes sense and is not intimidating.

I can't stress enough how much she knows about Facebook ads and Ashleigh didn't hold anything back. She has an investment mindset and was really coming from a place of wanting to share and help which makes all the difference.

Also, her corporate marketing experience elevates the conversation and gives a strong angle of perspective.



I cannot begin to express how incredibly amazing Ashleigh has been as a coach in our mastermind!

She embodies the spirit of a great marketer and has exceeded all of my expectations.

My previous media buyer was decent, but Ashleigh has taken our campaigns to whole new level [with her personal strategies]. With her guidance, we have created ads that not only pay for themselves but also provide a steady stream of profit!!! Which is a first for us!!

| can't stress enough how thrilled I am to have found her!! OH & believe she's alwavs on top of the latest trends and never misses a beat!

But it's not just about the results, Ashleigh's attention to detail is what really sets her apart. She makes sure we are getting the most out of our campaigns points out opportunities that even we didn't see.

| feel so blessed to have found her!!


are you ready to easily fill your program with automated lead generation?

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April 19, 2023 at 2:00pm EST

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