Your 7-Figure Starting Point


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What Is It?

A Virtual Summer Masterclass Series to expose coaches, consultants, and service based business owners to their next steps. They will gain insight on what their gaps are and what it will really take for them to hit their 7 figure goals. Ideally working with you.

Because this series is based on building a foundation to support a 7 figure business I did not invite those who were specific to only one tactic (email marketing, DM selling, launching, social media, how to etc.). Because as we know, they ALL work. 

If you’re in accept below.

This is for the woman who:

When Is It?

August 21 – August 26

It will be prerecorded so you don’t need to be available during the event dates.

What's In It For You?

Like the MasterClass Company, you will be showcased similarly during promotion.

I want this to be valuable to you as well.

I did my best to ensure that the audience I am targeting will be beneficial to at least one of your offers.

You will have ads running with your image and promotion material to your audience with your affiliate link.

You will receive the emails for those who choose your masterclass (there will be a select all button)

I do not have a budget for speakers, which is why you selling and offering upsells is permitted.

I hope to add to your email list with targeted people without you having to do much.

Your Time Commitment


(1) 15 – 20 minute interview to aid in promo

send (2) emails & (1) P.S. already written for you

(2) social posts, written for you, wherever your most active audience is

Share to stories when tagged

If you are on board with me running ads to your audience with your affiliate link there may be a 15-20 minutes of set up

More details in the timeline section

Timeline & Important Dates

Master Class Info


August 21 – August 26


$97 General/$147 VIP

Affiliate Commission 



500 Registered

Topic Categories

💥 Scale 


💥 Finance

💥 Messaging

💥 Sales

💥 Systems & Ops

💥  Personal Brand

💥 Your Whole Self


Masterclass Submission Requirements

It can be a masterclass, training, workshop, or interview (you provide questions — i may add my own)
It can be pre recorded OR you can give a live date between the 31st and the 4th that it is live.
You can sell in a “ways to work with me” portion of your presentation or talk about your program
Your contribution would be something of value that either you already have or something that you want to create.

  • Don’t be vague
  • Do not be stingy – give up the premium goods (to an extent)
  • Truly showcase yourself
  • Be clear about who you serve in your presentation
  • Blow them away (like you always do)

This cannot be a webinar where you teach 3-5 vague items, talk about yourself for 20 minutes, then sell them your offer.

Though selling is permitted please do so on the last slide or 2 and feel free to answer questions if it is live.
Having a QR code that takes them to another place to either ask questions or apply to work with you is perfectly fine.

Bonus Requirements (Optional)

Should you like to submit a bonus offer to get them into your next steps.

  • The additional bonus will be sold in the VIP option.
  • The VIP bonus will be a great opportunity for you to create an upsell funnel (optional) where they can access the bonus and then potentially upsell them on something else you have. 
  • Your vip access can be access to a masterclass, workshop, full course, module, or mini course.
  • You can also give them access to your next event
  • I will ask for the value of your bonus in a separate form in about 2 weeks to give you time to think about your contributions.

Pre Series Bonus Requirements (Optional)

You can also add an additional bonus for signing up through your affiliate link. 

For example: “If you sign up through my affiliate link you get access to, a free this, a 30 minute call, a ticket to, a discount on, etc.”


This looks like something like this – you would set up your own landing page then link it to your affiliate link. Once they purchase it will be recorded

Why Am I Doing This?

Because people are trying to scale and they have gaps and im tired of watching it lol.

My vision is to expose people to the real ones in the space who are experts, amazing, powerful, and get their clients results.

Everyone invited either generates million dollar + revenue or works with million dollar revenue generating businesses. 

I’ve chosen you because you repeatedly show that with your guidance, framework, and success paths work for those who qualify. 

We know the million dollar stats and I truly believe strong women raise strong children who build strong communities.

And adding to the wealth is what will be the catalyst for the change we want to see in the world.

I’m tired of watching so i decided to do something about it and bring together the best people I’ve seen in the space together to literally change lives.


No, because we all market differently. Active and engaged list or social is more important to me than size

I will give it to you after they click the checkbox that they want access to your masterclass.
You will be presented the email addresses because I’ve noticed that people get really irritated having to sign up for multiple things.

You have 14 days from the time you receive the emails to give them access to their bonus

There will be a checkbox and they will be aware that you will have access to their email to receive the masterclass.

If you're in, please schedule a time for our promo interview & submit the VERY short form below